Creating a powerful brand story is no longer a nice to have - it’s a need to have.

In today’s fast-paced, global marketplace, we are bombarded with content from all directions, but understand the importance of setting, character, and action in storytelling. We realize that as the race for attention escalates, there’s greater pressure to consistently create content that is compelling, engaging and there is emotion behind it. 

So, what does it take to create culturally relevant storytelling that is relevant with your international audiences? And what makes a story credible and memorable so it influences others’ action? 

Dr. Carmen Simon, cognitive neuroscientist and our guest presenter, will share the latest in brain science research on storytelling and how to best apply it to influence others. Amplexor's global market expert, Sharon Austin, will align storytelling to transcreating content that personally appeals and engages global audiences, regardless of culture. 

Why Watching

Join an interactive discussion between Carmen Simon, cognitive neuroscientist, and Sharon Austin, global marketing expert, to discover:

  • Key insights in brain science research on the power of storytelling 
  • Primary factors that make your content relevant and compelling   
  • Practical, science-based guidelines for content creation 

Meet the Speakers

Dr. Carmen Simon | Guest Speaker
Silicon Valley entrepreneur, cognitive neuroscientist and speaker

Dr. Carmen Simon is a cognitive neuroscientist, author, and founder of Memzy, a company that uses brain science to help corporations create memorable messages. Carmen’s most recent book, “Impossible to Ignore: Create Memorable Content to Influence Decisions,” has been selected as one of the top international books on persuasion. Carmen holds two doctorate degrees, and she also teaches at Stanford University. Dr. Simon holds frequent workshops for corporate audiences on the importance of using brain science to craft communication that is not only memorable but sparks action. 

Sharon Austin | Speaker
Global marketing expert

Sharon is Director of Marketing Solutions at Amplexor, based in River Falls, Wisconsin, US. She has more than 18 years’ experience in the language service industry across marketing and operations roles. Her passion is in creating and implementing solutions for different international companies in various multilingual disciplines from multilingual SEO, transcreation, digital marketing and language review services.

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