Structured content authoring: new long-term solutions for the MedTech industry

Discover how you can avoid the major pitfalls of traditional authoring tools with a structured content strategy approach.

Traditional document publishing approaches most companies use for authoring and publishing are outdated and bring many challenges because they work with locked file formats.

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About the webinar

Learn why traditional production tools and processes come up short for content authoring and how you can combat this, while keeping up with regulatory changes, increase in content volume and time-to-market acceleration.

About the speakers


Pepijn Mul is ECM Consultant at Amplexor. With over 10 years of experience in software development, technical writing and industrial design, Pepijn has a successful track record in translating complex technical subjects to logical models. At Amplexor, he drives content innovation for our clients with tailored documentation authoring solutions.

Kathleen O'brien

Kathleen O’Brien is Director of Business Development with Amplexor Life Sciences and a 15-year veteran of the translation industry. Kathleen has a background in linguistics and has held various roles in the translation business: vendor, project and account management, as well as new business development, giving her a unique perspective into both translation operations and how translation impacts the globalization needs of her clients in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. She proactively collaborates with her life sciences client partners on a daily basis to help them set their localization strategies.