Now that IDMP is real, is your RIM roadmap on the right track?

After all the preparations for IDMP, it's here. But compliance will be a staged, iterative affair as requirements evolve.

The key, then, is to establish whether your organization is on the right path to ensure long-term alignment with the demands of IDMP.

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About the webinar

We’ll set out the most common scenarios pharma companies will typically be starting from, exploring the options in each case.

Scenario 1: No formal RIM system currently in place
Scenario 2: Existing RIM investment: build on it – or start afresh?
Scenario 3: Single RIM vendor vs best-of-breed applications – can IDMP solution be implemented into the existing RIM landscape?

In the webinar, we’ll work through each scenario, discussing the different options – and explore the merits of performing a low-risk/low-cost IDMP proof-of-concept alongside those existing RIM set-ups to check the preferred choice is fit for purpose.

About the speakers


As Director of Product Management, Renato is responsible for Amplexor’s Life Sciences product portfolio, focusing on customer value, innovation, quality and compliance. He has been with the company for 14 years, previously working on analysis, design, development and delivery of end-to-end regulatory and quality solutions for the Life Sciences industry.