AMPLEXOR Life Sciences White Paper

What role can cloud services such as SaaS play in driving the next generation of regulatory information management, and what are the practical considerations for sensitive pharma data? Steve Scribner of consultancy Scribner Group chaired an industry debate to find out.

The need for regulatory information management (RIM) transformation is driving new interest in cloud services, particularly access to the latest applications via Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery models. But there are different approaches to the cloud, and regulatory priorities to consider, so it is rarely a straightforward decision. With this in mind, life sciences digital content specialist AMPLEXOR hosted an independent panel debate session - with audience participation. Its aim was to sort the fact from the fiction, the pros from the cons; and to establish the best approaches to cloud-based solution and services in this heavily compliance-based industry.

The discussion, which took place at AMPLEXOR’s annual life sciences industry conference in Salzburg in June, brought together some of the most experienced regulatory experts and consultants from the sector:

In this White Paper you will learn about:

  • The current cloud adaption
  • Cloud choice: which, when, how?
  • The cloud and security
  • The cloud and the regulations
  • Migrations considerations
  • Cloud and the Data sovereignty

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