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Transformation and Innovation in Regulatory Affairs

Life Sciences organizations today are focused on addressing an increasing number of regulatory requirements which span across geographies, business activities, and functions. Moreover, the Regulatory Affairs function is key to improving document management, along with the process controls associated with regulatory submissions that increase efficiencies of the entire product development value chain and reduce time-to-market.

In this webinar, Venu Mallarapu, Practice Director, Regulatory Affairs Advisory Consulting, Cognizant Technology Solutions, will review opportunities for holistic transformation of Regulatory Affairs’ Business Processes, Data, and Platforms. He will explore ideas ranging from Robotic Process Automation, Intelligent Automation and Machine Learning to using Blockchain for Labeling Management and other submissions.

AMPLEXOR’s Vice President – Strategy, Romuald Braun will present how the AMPLEXOR Life Sciences Suite is evolving as a platform that can rise up to the frequently changing regulatory requirements and challenges. He will also walk through how AMPLEXOR is driving innovation, aligned with ideas shared by Venu, in Regulatory Affairs through its Life Sciences Suite.

Webinar series key learning objectives:

  • Review opportunities for holistic transformation of Regulatory Affairs’ Business Processes, Data and Platforms
  • Understand present challenges and key developments in Regulatory Affairs
  • Learn about various use cases in Regulatory Affairs to drive innovation
  • Recognize the need for any RIM platform to become the vehicle to drive innovation and transformation
  • Appreciate the need for driving innovation in regulatory affairs for holistic transformation

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Meet the speaker

Romuald Braun - AMPLEXOR’s Vice President, Strategy

Romuald Braun is Vice President Strategy, Life Sciences at AMPLEXOR. Since 1992, Romuald has worked in roles related to compliance, document management and content management in the life sciences industry. Romuald has taken roles on the client side and in consulting, in delivery, in sales, in project roles and in line responsibility. He has also worked in client server and in cloud environments, in both Europe and in the US. Romuald holds a Master’s degree in Drug Regulatory Affairs, in addition to his Engineer diploma in Data Technology.