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Terminology Management: How to improve quality and reduce costs

Discrepancies between its existing glossaries and final translations: This was a challenge that emerged in the course of time for Swiss Precision Diagnostics GmbH (SPD), the company behind the leading pregnancy and ovulation test brand Clearblue®.

The discrepancies included:

  • Outdated and unapproved terminology
  • Multiple translations for key terminology
  • Lack of harmonization between term bases and final translated files
Lesley Foster, Global Brand Manager at SPD, provides insights on how implementing a terminology management program resulted in less rework and significantly improved the quality of their localized marketing deliverables.

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About the Presenter

Lesley Foster
Lesley Foster, Brand Manager (Global Digital Design), Swiss Precision Diagnostics GmbH
For more than 30 years, Lesley has worked in the medical device industry. She began her career as a laboratory technician purifying monoclonal antibodies for Clearblue Pregnancy and Ovulation Tests, then moved to work in customer service / consumer Careline, technical training, sales and medical detailing then finally into marketing 15 years ago. Working with key customers, physicians and then in specific market, regional and global consumer marketing roles has enabled Lesley to understand some of the nuances of communication across audiences, geographies and cultures. This has meant that in her current brand franchise role Lesley is ideally placed to lead the relationship with Amplexor, thinking about translation and adaptation of marketing assets in a way that ensures the meaning of the communication is relevant as well as technically correct and compliant