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Digital Transformation in Life Sciences: Making the Business Case While Managing the Risk

The life sciences industry has established digital innovation as a business priority. Companies recognize that patient outcomes are enabled by digital innovation, which is why truly patient-centric companies are assessing how to move their organization along the digital maturity continuum.

Digital innovation runs the gamut from marketing tactics (e.g., apps, websites, digital communities) to relationships with providers/healthcare systems (e.g., EHR); from co-marketing opportunities with digital modalities to non-traditional relationships. And, of course, there is the creation of entirely new products.

In this on demand webinar, a multi-disciplinary group of experts will provide you with:

✔ An overview of how the industry is addressing the digital health revolution
✔ Why patient engagement must be at the center of the life sciences value chain
✔ How internal Regulatory Affairs professionals can position themselves as a high value partner to the business during this time of change.

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