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Life Sciences - Evolution of Regulatory Information Management: Past, Present and RIM2022 Predictions

In this webinar, Steve will focus on:

  • What is the latest industry World Class RIM Research –where is industry today and what are the priority investments for the next two to four years?
  • How emerging technologies such as AI are being applied in Regulatory and in what timeframe?
  • How are companies connecting their RIM environment with other functional area? 
  • What are four ways you can improve your RIM program immediately? 

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Meet the speaker

Steve Gens, Managing Director of Gens and Associates, Inc.

Steve Gens, Managing Director of Gens and Associates, Inc. 
Steve is the Managing Partner of Gens and Associates Inc., a global Life Science consulting firm that specializes in strategic planning, RIM program development and execution, industry benchmarking, 
and organizational performance. His early career was spent at Johnson and Johnson in a variety of management positions; he then transitioned to consulting, where he led global healthcare consulting 
practices for First Consulting Group and Booz Allen Hamilton. Steve’s organization is well-known for their insightful industry benchmarks, and World Class RIM thought leadership. Steve has a BSc 
degree in Business computer science and a Master’s degree in organizational development and performance from the American University. He was recently named in the PharmaVoice 100 for 2017.