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Jump-start your career in a positive and high-energy work environment. We believe blending fun and games to bits and bytes makes work enjoyable. 

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What makes us different

Our casual culture shines through our free tomato meatball soup Monday lunches and foosball table breaks that feed our competitive spirit. At the end of the day, we know we only succeed if our people succeed.

We set you off to a flying start

We set you off to a flying start 

New starters take part in our premium onboarding program which includes training, on-the-job coaching, mentoring, bootcamps, skills development and technical certifications. Our teams are made of people that are eager to learn!

Work with the latest technology

Work with the latest technology

Join our team for the opportunity to work with the best professionals, specialized in the newest tools on the market. Our technology partners include Acquia, Adobe, Alfresco, Kentico, Microsoft, OpenText and SDL.

Expand your horizons

Expand your horizons

Work in a truly multicultural context with more than 1,850 creative and collaborative people across 22 countries. We are passionate about quality and committed to making a tangible impact for our clients worldwide.

A no-nonsense team spirit

A no-nonsense team spirit

We don’t care if you wear jeans to work or if you prefer to brainstorm over the football table instead of in the meeting room – we know we only succeed if our people succeed and we’re all about openness to new ideas.

Your chance to shine

Your chance to shine

We believe giving our employees the opportunity to stand out is a wonderful way to recognize and reward their hard work. Writing for our blog, speaking at conferences and competing in hackathons - we’ll make sure to showcase your expertise.

An amazing office space

An amazing office space

Our offices are unique collaborative spaces that inspire creativity and teamwork. We’ve got the all important coffee bar, foosball tables, shower and change rooms if you run or cycle to work. Where else do you get free tomato meatball soup for lunch?


Time to let off steam 

We're a hardworking group, but we're known to have a good time too! From happy hours and fun sport outings to board game and quiz nights, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to let your hair down and enjoy your time outside the office.

Make a real difference

Make a real difference

We realize we’re just a small part of a much bigger picture and this is why we have corporate social responsibility in the heart of our business strategy. We do what we can to help others through volunteer programs or supporting charities.

What our team members say

AMPLEXOR’s story isn't one single story. In fact, more than 1,850 individual stories make up who we are.

  • Testimonial | Sylvie Versteylen, CEO AMPLEXOR Belgium

    Sylvie Versteylen, CEO AMPLEXOR Belgium"I joined AMPLEXOR to coach the Belgian team and lead the European business unit of digital experience. AMPLEXOR is a high-energy working environment, but what I value most in our team from a talent perspective is our no-nonsense approach, the daily attention to coaching and personal growth, and one fundamental cornerstone: respect for our work and for each other."

    Sylvie Versteylen
    CEO AMPLEXOR Belgium

  • Testimonial | Bart Thumas, Project Manager at AMPLEXOR

    Bart, Project Manager at AMPLEXOR"Every projects has its own challenges, which adds to the fun of it, but the thing that I like the most about working at AMPLEXOR is the dynamics of the team. You have a lot of young people who are experts in their domain and it is a real pleasure to work together towards a common goal: delivering a successful project and have a happy customer in the end."

    Bart - Project Manager

  • Testimonial | Roy Teeuwen, AEM Team Coach

    Roy, AEM Team Coach"I started at AMPLEXOR in 2012 as a SDL Tridion developer, then chose to take on Adobe Experience Manager, and this year I got the opportunity to become a Team Coach for the AEM team. I love the atmosphere, we are a young company with people with a lot of different mindsets, but we have the possibility to share our knowledge on get togethers and team meetings."

    Roy - AEM Team Coach

  • Testimonial | Sam Vanhemelryck, DXM Business Consultant

    Sam, DXM Business Consultant"If I had to pick one project, it would be the redesign of our own corporate website. I had the chance to take up multiple roles like UX, functional analysis and testing, resulting in challenging but very interesting dynamics. Besides that, it’s all about the people: the combined knowledge and high level of involvement of our employees in combination with the direct lines of communication make for a pleasant company culture."

    Sam - DXM Business Consultant

  • Testimonial | Maarten Segers, Drupal Developer

    Maarten, DXM Technical Consultant"Since I joined AMPLEXOR in 2012, what I find most fulfilling is collaborating with other people that are driven by passion. I’ve had many different roles depending on the needs of the projects: developer, expert, technical presales and technical lead. I now work mostly in consulting, devops and team coaching. There’s so much expertise, if there’s something I don’t know it’s likely a colleague will."

    Maarten - Drupal Developer

  • Testiomonial | Sander Claes, DXM Technical Consultant

    Sander, DXM Technical Consultant"I’m working as a DXM technical consultant for a big client, from customer contact to back-end software implementations in web content management systems."

    Sander - DXM Technical Consultant

  • Testimonial | Wouter Lemoine, Front-End Developer

    Wouter, Front-End Developer"What I like about AMPLEXOR is the “doing things right” mindset: you’ll join a team were everyone wants to create the best possible product. I’m also fond of the career coaching and the possibilities I get to improve my knowledge, such as attending the Smashing Conference in London and receiving training by Anysurfer."

    Wouter - Front-End Developer

  • Testimonial | Kjell Leenknegt, Project Manager

    Kjell, Project Manager"Constant learning has always been one of the spearheads of AMPLEXOR, and it gives me satisfaction to improve my “smart glasses” through which I look at the world. On top of this, the joy of working in teams. It’s a nice way to cooperate with all kinds of colleagues with different skills sets, and together we make challenging projects come to life!"

    Kjell - Project Manager

  • Testimonial | Julie Krol, Office Manager

    Julie, Office Manager"As an Office Manager my day never gets boring. I’m a jack of all trades: a travel arranger, an event planner, an accountant, a fleet manager and so much more. But it’s also a nice way to get to know everyone better. It is easy and fun to work on projects with colleagues as everyone will always have each other’s back and will help each other reach their goal."

    Julie - Office Manager

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