The pace of technology and digital innovation has created a global population that is more connected than ever. End users also expect digital content to be personalized and culturally adapted. To engage consumers and support global workforces, companies must efficiently deliver customized, translated and culturally adapted content to each person across all digital channels and communication touchpoints. Enterprises that are able do this can turn management of global content into a competitive advantage. How? By establishing a Content Factory that aligns with and supports a corporation’s operating model.

Developing a digital strategy

In today’s fast-paced environment, many international companies are investing in the digitalization of their businesses. This involves implementing technologies that add value by optimizing processes, increasing efficiency and decreasing expenses. Corporations that are positioned to thrive in the hyper competitive, global economy know having a future-proof digital strategy is key to achieving their ideal Target Operating Models.

Any solid digital strategy likely includes streamlining content management and facilitating more efficient communication and collaboration among globally dispersed customers, partners and internal stakeholders. Doing that means implementing the right technologies and processes to help companies easily develop, control and use ever-increasing volumes of unstructured data and content in a multilingual and multicultural context.

To identify those technology and process solutions, enterprises must first define the following:

  • What content is needed to support all stakeholders
  • How to develop content and who creates it
  • The languages in which content is made available
  • How to balance automation, artificial intelligence, and human intervention to ensure efficient and affordable creation of high-quality, multilingual content
  • Who should have access to content and through what channels
  • How to freely collaborate yet have governance in place to ensure compliance
  • Which areas of content production and management should be outsourced
  • What it costs to streamline content creation, translation and management
Defining the above requirements is an important step toward finding the right content and language solutions. Ultimately, the way for a corporation to turn its management of global content into a competitive advantage is to implement a content model that supports the company’s end-to-end operating model.

Amplexor's content factory approach

To truly support a corporation’s global content needs, Amplexor takes holistic approach to managing content in a multicultural/multilingual context.

First, to build a customer-centric solution that meets complex content needs, we partner with our clients to understand the challenges that span their entire “content ecosystem.” By doing so, we gain a deep understanding of our customers’ challenges across business functions, processes, channels, communication touchpoints, geographies and cultures. Understanding the full scope of customers’ needs means we can configure solutions that support and align with a client’s end-to-end business process, thus enabling us to address cost, quality and turnaround time in a more holistic manner.

Second, after understanding a company’s business model and the content challenges existing therein, we develop a tailored “Content Factory” to support all aspects of the corporation’s global value chain – be it across departments or across multiple business partners.

Designing a content factory

Example: Imagine we are serving an international manufacturer. The basic components of the manufacturer’s value chain are research, testing and development, production, product management, product marketing, industry marketing, sales, distribution and customer support. Each component of that value chain generates ideas that manifest in huge volumes of content, which can quickly become unstructured, siloed and difficult (not to mention expensive) to manage.

Amplexor's Content Factory approach can help the manufacturer take back control of its global content. We can help the manufacturer assess content challenges that are present throughout its value chain and build a custom solution using the most beneficial mix of intelligent content technology and human support services. We establish the right processes, starting with content origination and continuing through content management, translation, localization and dissemination to any communication touchpoint. Additionally, we can help the manufacturer deliver high-quality, multilingual content in any advanced format, including Augmented Reality applications, which could be used to support technicians servicing machinery at facilities around the globe. Furthermore, we provide analytics to measure content effectiveness and use those insights to continuously optimize the end-toend solution.

Differentiating technology

What makes us different from other Language Solutions Providers? At Amplexor, we have a highly specialized group within our R&D department focused solely on creating solutions capable of delivering high value to our clients. Those solutions leverage technology developed in cooperation with top European Universities and select global technology partners, including the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI). Partnering with these institutions enables us to use their findings in real time to develop solutions with cutting-edge technology that may not otherwise be commercialized for years. This method enables Amplexor to be a trend setter, not a trend follower.

After we develop cutting-edge solutions, we partner with our customers to test them. This allows our clients to become early adopters of new, innovative technologies that solve long-standing pain points. It also enables us to showcase new technology advancements through practical use cases that solve real business problems.


Amplexor optimizes value for our clients rather than delivering excessive costs. Our agile teams of subject matter experts can help companies define and implement a flexible Content Factory solution that supports an enterprise’s operating model and end-to-end value chain. In this way, we can help turn efficient management of global content into a competitive advantage and provide innovative solutions that support your goals and growth.

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