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Talking creative translation: What is transcreation and when to use it

From company and product logos to slogans and taglines, how do you ensure your unique brand personality, in both voice and visuals, aligns with customer expectations amongst cultural differences and regional regulations? Enter: transcreation.

This 40-minute webinar will highlight the difference between translation and transcreation and provide you with valuable insights including:

  • What to expect from transcreation – in practice and outcome
  • What to be aware of – from in-depth research to common pitfalls
  • What tradeoffs to anticipate – from re-use of translations to turnaround times
  • What content is suitable for transcreation – from product pages to taglines
  • What makes the process easier – from style guides to competitors’ material

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Meet the speaker

Sharon Austin

Sharon Austin is a Senior Client Service Manager for Global Content and Language Solutions at AMPLEXOR International based in River Falls, Wisconsin, US.  She has over 18 years’ experience in the language service industry across marketing and operations roles. Her passion is in creating and implementing solutions for different international companies in various multilingual disciplines from Onsite Search, Multilingual SEO, transcreation, web marketization, crowdsourcing to independent language review services.  Sharon holds a BA in languages and an MBA in International Business and Marketing.