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Terminology: The Secret Asset For Scaling Up Your Business

For companies operating in international markets an effective terminology program is key to delivering your message correctly across the world, ensuring compliance and strengthening your corporate global identity.

In our webinar you will learn about:

  • How terminology is key to marketing & branding strategies worldwide
  • The value of content consistency and accuracy to engage audiences
  • The benefits of a terminology program to accelerate content creation

And more!

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Iñaki Hernandez-Lasa

Iñaki Hernandez-Lasa, Language Program Architect, AMPLEXOR
Iñaki resides in Ireland and has over 25 years in the localization industry. He has extensive experience in solutions development, linguistics and terminology management and is a member of the Linguistic Management Team at AMPLEXOR. Having lectured at Dublin City University prior to starting his career in localization, Iñaki holds a degree in linguistics and a Master of Arts in translation studies. When he is not busy working, his passion is rooted in photography.