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The New Localization Toolbox: Delivering Multilingual Content for the 2020s

To create and deliver content for multiple international markets, it’s critical to stay on top of localization trends and new strategies. The global content ecosystem is increasingly complex, and stakeholders need to strike an optimal balance of human effort and automation, internal and external capabilities, and global and regional considerations.

Have 60 minutes to spare? Join expert Florian Faes as he guides you through the key criteria to help master the art (and science!) of delivering appropriate and catered multilingual content to your audiences around the world.

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Meet the speaker

Florian Faes is the Co-founder and Managing Director of Slator and host of the weekly SlatorPod podcast. Based in Zurich, Florian Faes spent almost a decade as Head of Asia-Pacific with CLS Communication (now Lionbridge).  In 2015, he launched Slator, which is widely considered the most up-to-date source of industry news and analysis covering language services and technology. Headquartered in Zurich, Slator has editorial and research desks in London, Chicago, and Manila, with an additional presence in Bangkok. 

About the series

Ignite Revenue Through Content - Optimizing the Global Content Lifecycle” is Amplexor’s Virtual Knowledge Series running from August through mid-December. With the contributions of industry thought leaders, we’ll bring cutting-edge insights on how to leverage global content to make it a strategic differentiator. Explore proven strategies and the capabilities needed to leverage content across its lifecycle to achieve breakthrough operational efficiencies and drive sustained, profitable growth.