Ignite Revenue Through Content

Unleash your Inner Punk: A Rebellious Take on Customer Engagement

"Are you an artist, or just coloring in?"

In this episode, Adrian Swinscoe, best-selling author and aspiring punk, will explain how customer experience has become too much like prog rock and why a more 'punk' approach is needed.

Have 60 minutes to spare? Join expert Adrian Swinscoe as he discusses the four imperatives that organizations need to embrace to thrive in this new era and content implications of all of these.

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Meet the speaker

Referred to as the “Seth Godin of the UK”, Adrian Swinscoe is a best-selling author, Forbes contributor, speaker, advisor and aspirant CX Punk. 
He has been growing and helping develop customer-focused businesses for more than 25 years.

Adrian’s clients include the UK Government’s Crown Commercial Service, Apple, KFC, Philips, Cancer Research UK, Harper Collins, Médecins Sans Frontières, Microsoft, Pearson and Costa Coffee amongst others.

In 2016 he published the best-seller  How to Wow: 68 Effortless Ways to Make Every Customer Experience Amazingand recently published Punk CX. 

Find out more about Adrian via his blog, connecting on LinkedIn or following him on Twitter and Instagram


About the series

Ignite Revenue Through Content - Optimizing the Global Content Lifecycle” is Amplexor’s Virtual Knowledge Series running from August through mid-December. With the contributions of industry thought leaders, we’ll bring cutting-edge insights on how to leverage global content to make it a strategic differentiator. Explore proven strategies and the capabilities needed to leverage content across its lifecycle to achieve breakthrough operational efficiencies and drive sustained, profitable growth.