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How AMPLEXOR Helped a Valued Client Pave the Way for Paradigm Change

Every organization wants to produce high-quality content while reducing the costs of translation and content management. Achieving consistent quality can be challenging if linguists use different translation memories and tools to complete a project, and costs can quickly sky-rocket if reviewers continually find errors and return projects to be updated again and again.

This webinar will explain how we helped our client:

  • Establish a dedicated browser-based review editor
  • Implement a completely new, custom-made online Translation Management Solution
  • Overhaul their entire terminology stack using cutting-edge consolidation tools
  • Develop an in-house terminology tool and integrate it with a hosted terminology solution
  • Seamlessly integrate their systems and processes with new technology and tools

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Meet the speaker

Andreas Ljungstroem

Andreas Ljungström is a Global Solutions Architect at AMPLEXOR International based in Berlin. His main areas of focus are consultancy and professional services aimed at streamlining and automating terminology and CAT processes for both customers and language service providers. He is currently spearheading the roll-out of XTM within the AMPLEXOR group.