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Global-Ready Strategy for Product, People and Platform

Many companies struggle with successfully and smoothly transitioning into new markets. Building a global-ready strategy is crucial to approaching this complex, sometimes daunting, task.

Have 60 minutes to spare? Join expert Talia Baruch as she uncovers how to effectively drive horizontal, cross-functional, international efforts to maximize adoption in new markets.

This session dives into everything from brand discoverability, acquisition and engagement to conversion and brand loyalty.

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Talia Baruch is a Global Growth Executive and Founder of Yewser, working cross-functionally to make products make sense in the multicultural marketplace. She has 20 years’ experience leading international expansion in Product & Growth at Google, LinkedIn, and SurveyMonkey, and is a localization and internationalization expert. Talia is now an independent consultant (Yewser), helping companies accelerate global growth ground up. Talia is also a professor of global branding, digital marketing strategy and product innovation at CEDIM Design School in Mexico, Hult International Business School, and San Francisco State University (College of Business). She mentors Google's portfolio startups in applied machine learning technologies in emerging markets. Talia is the Co-Founder of GlobalSaké, creating a collective community for knowledge share and launching the annual GlobalSaké corporate education conferences.