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Global Branding Success Stories: Tips from the Top

Want to learn what has helped top global brands achieve success (and pitfalls to avoid)? Join international digital transformation expert, Marc Haarmeier, as he dissects these top companies’ well-designed global brand strategies.

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Marc Haarmeier has been a thought leader for digital transformation and solutions for over 20 years. During his studies as an industrial engineer, he supervised international transformation projects for a leading European consulting firm.  In 1997 he became a Division Manager and senior leader. In 2003, he and other partners founded a group of companies with subsidiaries in Germany, Austria and Switzerland focused on digital solutions for business-critical processes. Marc joined Amplexor in 2011 where he is responsible for strategic business development and digital process consulting for key clients across Europe. He is a driving force behind digital transformation with a focus on digital experience for global end users.