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CrossFit Case Study: Implementing a Holistic Approach to Global Content Solutions

As CrossFit began to grow internationally, they discovered there were specific actions required to set them on the right path for global success. They needed to translate training materials, develop a company-wide localization program and re-design the website to better align with their evolving mission. They started small, keeping these activities in-house, but it quickly became apparent this would be a huge initiative with many challenges to overcome – a partner was needed to guide them through the process.

Discover how we teamed up with CrossFit to help them:

  • Assess their needs and develop a strategy to coach them across the finish line
  • Define goals and scale solutions based on their ability to achieve them
  • Develop measurable, repeatable localization metrics that could be examined in their existing metrics dashboard

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Meet the speakers

Leah Polaski

Leah Polaski, Training Department Operations Manager
Leah manages Operations for the Training Department which supports CrossFit’s global community of trainers, affiliates and athletes by providing world class fitness, health education and credentialing. CrossFit offers their members a selection of 25 in-person training and 6 online courses available 50 weekends a year throughout the world. The Training Department creates and provides localized course content, supporting materials, tests and certifications. It also designs and maintains multiple proprietary technology platforms to provide course staffing, logistic, registration and customer support. Prior to stepping into her operational role in 2017, Leah served as the Translation Manager for the Training Department. During that time, she developed and oversaw a team of more than 100 on-site translators and managed the translation process for numerous supporting materials and online courses.

Dean Berg
Dean Berg, Strategic Account Director, AMPLEXOR
Dean manages a select number of strategic customers for AMPLEXOR, including CrossFit. While working with them, Dean has been an active member of the CrossFit community since May of 2017. At AMPLEXOR, he is responsible for working with our customers to optimize the development of their global content by strategically leveraging language translation processes, content systems and digital experience applications. Dean has held prior positions at Sajan (now AMPLEXOR) as VP of Worldwide Sales and General Manager of the US Eastern Region. Prior to joining Sajan 11 years ago, Dean spent nine years working at Stellent where he held the positions of Director of Product Management & Marketing and Director of Compliance Solutions. Dean was instrumental in evolving Stellent’s renowned Content Management System into one of the industry’s best. In his last four years with Stellent he also initiated their regulatory compliance business. Prior to Stellent, Dean spent many years in the engineering software business working with Asian and European markets.