Specsavers Optical Group Ltd has been a family-run business for over 30 years, working together with store partners to provide the best value optometry, audiology and other healthcare service for customers. They have over 32,500 employees and more than 2,000 stores stretching the globe in the UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Spain, Australia and New Zealand.

The Challenge

Specsavers, an optometry and audiology company with a strong global presence, wanted to increase website performance in the Netherlands and Nordic regions.

Despite already having multilingual websites in local languages, Specsavers wanted to enhance them further by improving engagement on product detail pages. The Specsavers Global Web Team knew several challenges needed to be addressed, such as:

  • Low dwell time (Time spent between clicking the website link on asearch engine results page (SERP) to clicking back to the SERP)
  • High bounce rate
  • Low conversion to online sales/booked appointments
  • Translation requiring more local expertise

Each of these challenges impacted Specsavers from increasing online growth in the Netherlands and Nordic regions - as users could find them, but did not stay engaged. So the Specsavers team decided to improve content on the product detail pages by adding frame descriptions, and selected a new transcreation partner, Amplexor.

The Solution

The Amplexor and Specsavers teams worked together to test one of Amplexor’s Digital Marketing Services: transcreation. The purpose was to compare the result of the transcreation service versus standard translation of the region’s website content, focusing on the frame descriptions on the website product detail page. In essence, Amplexor performed A/B testing to find out what resonates with the end user and prove ROI to Specsavers for the additional investment.

Drawing from experience across many international brands, Amplexor proposed transcreation as the solution to reach higher engagement and conversion rates. Typically, marketing-based web content calls for a more creative translation to accurately portray brand personality and engage the audience.

Transcreation maintains the flair, style and voice of the content but culturally adapts it into the desired languages – Danish, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian. The correctly transcreated content effectively communicates Specsavers brand and value proposition to their target audiences in a natural sounding way, almost as if it was written by a native speaker.


Amplexor is great to work with and really understands our challenges. They’re very flexible, acting as an extension of our team, but offering a level of expertise we don’t have internally.

Hannah Elis Global Brand Marketing Team, Specsavers


The Result

  • 60% conversion rate
  • 20 sec dwell time
  • 20% bounce rate

It can be hard finding the perfect pair of frames that makes someone feel the right balance of confidence and sophistication. The same can be said about building an international brand – finding the right balance between the need to have a global positioning combined with local relevance. For Specsavers, they found their balance and global success opting for transcreation with Amplexor.

By transcreating the frame descriptions on the website product detail page, Specsavers was able to solve their website translation challenges. Ultimately, the investment in language had an undeniable impact on user engagement, with Specsavers achieving an overall increase in website engagement for the Netherlands and Nordic regions.


Supporting global marketing teams through a strategic partnership is a top initiative here at Amplexor. Our Digital Marketing Solutions are great at providing pragmatic measurable solutions to our global clients to help them meet and exceed their marketing KPIs, and we did just that for Specsavers.

Grainne Maycock VP Sales, Amplexor


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