Boosting your SharePoint & Viva Intranet with Valo

Bring your SharePoint and Viva Intranet to the next level

Join us on 7 December, at 14:00 CET, to learn how Valo can bring added value to your Sharepoint or Viva Connections Intranet, both for end-users and intranet managers.

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About the webinar

In recent years, Microsoft has greatly improved its intranet offering, with the latest upgrade Viva Connections providing a personalized, modern intranet experience. But what if we tell you can do even better? With Valo, you can extend your Viva intranet with great features such as internal vacancies, personal news feeds, content governance, etc. And there's more: Valo also allows for a Teams integration that goes much further than Connections and a smooth integration of collaboration teams within your intranet. 

About the speaker

Ruud Brok-2

Ruud Brok, Technical Partner Manager EMEA Valo

Ruud has been working with the Valo product suite for many years. After numerous customer projects as a Valo partner, he decided to join the mothership. In his role as Technical Partner Manager EMEA for Valo, he enables partners to build cool environments fitting their needs.