Our client is a global science-based company headquartered in The Netherlands, specializing in human and animal health, nutrition and medical devices. The company delivers annual net sales of about €10 billion with approximately 25,000 employees.


Due to the nature of its business, this large pharmaceutical company needs to be compliant with several industry legal requirements and standards, including the management of regulated content through every step of the products’ lifecycle, e.g. related to manufacturing, marketing and finance.

The company already had a standardized Electronic Document Management (EDM) system in place, based on Documentum, to control the creation and distribution of documentation worldwide. However, they were missing a way of turning this information into usable knowledge for the whole company. The company now needed to obtain realtime customized reports and dashboards for workflows, trend analysis and KPI monitoring within their Documentum system.


Amplexor already had a 20-year long working relationship with this client in the area of Document Management. As a result of this successful partnership, Amplexor had been awarded with the EMC Information Intelligence Group (IIG)’s President Award for Customer Satisfaction at EMC Momentum 2012, in Vienna, recognizing the innovative work developed using IIG tools and technologies. This background undoubtedly helped, but it was myInsight’s unmatched reporting capabilities that convinced our client.

Certified by OpenText, myInsight is a powerful add-on and the most integrated reporting solution for Documentum in the world: it’s installed on the same servers, requiring no additional hardware; guarantees the same high-security data protection model; and uses the interfaces and functionalities, already familiar to Documentum end-users and administrators.

Currently used by many companies from a variety of industry sectors, myInsight generates easily customized dashboards and reports in a large variety of formats, and empowers users with realtime data insight to support decision-making and drive businesses’ success.

Our client’s Documentum system is divided into several user subgroups, each having their own information requirements. We implemented approximately 200 report collections with an average of 10 standard reports each. This results in a total of over 2,000 automated myInsight reports and dashboards being used by different departments, such as Legal, Product Management, Quality Management and Compliance, for variety of purposes:

  • Team work monitoring – an interactive dashboard showing documents created, reviewed or approved by each team member for each collection 
  • Summary of the collection-specific information types 
  • Insight into the current status of documents, for instance for quality control purposes: which documents are up-to-date and compliant? Which didn’t go through periodical review on time, who is the responsible for those processes, and what steps are missing? 
  • Workflow performance monitoring reports (e.g. how much time the reviewer takes to review a task)
  • Overview of the documents available for each product or product family, so Product Managers can easily segment information and show customers just the product data that are relevant to them, e.g. about the 10 products in a given product family instead of the total 750 available references. The report can display if there are any feature updates, certificates’ expiration dates and new product documentation available.
  • Dynamic document overview to support contract management, with contracts’ start and end dates, renewal or cancellation dates and approvals, as well as full contract history. y Set up of reporting alerts via email, for example, for when certain documents are created/ updated (e.g. a Halal/Kosher certificate for food products).
In a nutshell: myInsight saves time for users on their daily tasks, improving productivity across departments. Management does no longer have to wait for multiple weeks for production/trend reports, but can now take decisions upon live reports and dashboards providing insight in the current state of the business. Amplexor’s solution became a source of valuable information that wouldn’t otherwise be available, such as the growth rate within each business unit, supporting decisionmaking while ensuring reliability and traceability of documentation and data.

We chose myInsight for its integration in D2, the way queries are built for reports, its flexibility in defining report templates, functionalities as adhoc reports and scheduled reports and the rules to define if the final report is sent, stored or opened.

Solution Designer Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Department


The solution implemented by Amplexor was such a success, that our client has been invited to present their Documentum D2 environment and how myInsight is used within the organization at several Dell EMC and OpenText events.

Amplexor’s Documentum reporting project for this large pharmaceutical company was nominated for an award for Project Excellence from the International Project Management Association (IPMA-NL).


Inspired by myInsight further possibilities and use cases, Amplexor continues to think out of the box. A newly designed dashboard has just been taken into production, combining the content of 2 independent areas of Documentum (all products and all factories) in a complete overview, highlighting exactly the information that is useful for the enduser. Information for a specific product (from “all products”), e.g. if the product is halal or kosher certificated, is combined with the plant/production site where it is produced, e.g. if the factory is ISO9001 and ISO1401 certified or if it has a valid license to operate (from “all factories”).

On the user experience side, myInsight has been used to improve the interface with new buttons and action shortcuts directly in the report, to e.g. open the reported document or refresh the version information widget (screenshot right).

"The myInsight reports give me in real time a complete and accurate overview of both the integrity and the completeness of the documentation of each of our products."

Head of Global Regulatory Affairs  & Quality Management Operations


20+ years of international OpenText & Documentum expertise

Amplexor helps organizations worldwide to streamline information lifecycle and manage internal content related processes. From design to technology implementation, we optimize and integrate our clients’ content management processes with robust, scalable and feature-rich Documentum ECM solutions – such as case management systems, central content repository, digital mailrooms and digital document archives.

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Amplexor solution nominated for Project Excellence from the International Project Management Association (IPMA-NL)

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