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Component content management: going granular on content

Welcome to the world of intelligent content, where content development, translation, compliance and multichannel publishing are made easy. Whether you’re considering DITA or you've already adopted a structured content approach, watch our webinar to discover how you can deliver personalized content experiences at scale.

In this session you’ll get to explore:

  • The power of DITA in the new Era of ROI-driven content
  • How technical communication can be used to drive revenue and improve productivity
  • How structured environments to help you automate, personalize and repurpose your content, while ensuring compliance
  • ...And more!

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Pepijn Mul, Amplexor

Pepijn Mul is ECM Consultant at Amplexor. With over 10 years of experience in software development, technical writing and industrial design, Pepijn has a successful track record in translating complex technical subjects to logical models. At Amplexor, he drives content innovation for our clients with tailored documentation authoring solutions.

Debora Davila, Amplexor

Debora Davila is Global Solutions Architect at Amplexor. With a balanced mix of business skills and technical expertise, she helps customers achieve process innovation and resource optimization through top-notch technology solutions. Passionate about breaking down complex issues into simplified efficient workflows, Debora is an advocate of non-textbook, but cost-effective solutions to enterprise level challenges.