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The AMPLEXOR Case Management Framework: demo and customer story

Adaptive case management is empowering companies by providing a centralized and transparent insight into case progress and KPIs for all stakeholders involved.

By uniquely integrating employee experience with customer experience, predictive analytics and advanced configurations, AMPLEXOR Case Management Framework helps you manage data, documents, activities, rules, milestones and outcomes.

Watch our free webinar on demand to discover how you can create a 360 degree view of your customers and deliver best-in-class experience:

✔ Personalize user experience with customizable case-related tools
✔ Improve productivity and accelerate case resolution
Guarantee compliance and records management obligations
Automate workflows and avoid manual intervention 
Provide real-time insight into customers' requests

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Meet the Speaker


Hans De Bal is a Senior ECM Consultant at AMPLEXOR, specialized in Alfresco. Leading a team of developers, Hans focuses on providing clients with robust solutions against their business requirements. He has been responsible for successfully leading Alfresco projects for public and finance sectors. As an open source enthusiast, he’s also frequent speaker at BeeCon Alfresco Developer Conferences throughout Europe.