Collaborative approach takes legal learning experience to new heights at BARBRI

A state-of-the-art, personalized learning experience for +30.000 law students and attorneys 

Learn more about BARBRI's innovative learning content management platform (LCMS):

  • Tailored learning environments that help reduce the learning curve
  • Multi-format educational materials: printed manuals, in-person classes, online and on-demand training
  • High quality standard assurance with accurate, up-to-date learning outputs
  • Up to 75% savings on content customization and proofreading
  • An open door to diversify BARBRI's course portfolio and extend its market reach
The single biggest capability that has been added to achieve authoring experience is the creation of ‘tracked changes’ documents. Generally speaking, we saw a 50% reduction in proofreading hours alone
Chad Crume

Chad Crume

Director of Content Management at BARBRI

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