As a global organization with a workforce spanning 23 countries, Amplexor needed a flexible and user-friendly intranet to strengthen its brand and internal culture worldwide.

Starting Point

Amplexor’s main challenge was that the former intranet platform wasn’t user-friendly from the editor or end-user’s perspective. We lacked autonomy to improve its features, which meant that everything felt very standardized and news updates were not as frequent as we would have liked.

With a workforce spanning 23 countries we needed a new intranet solution to help unify colleagues and create a strong culture.

The Solution

As a Valo Premium Partner, Amplexor knew only too well the power Valo Intranet had in facilitating a successful digital workplace. So, when looking for a platform for our own intranet, we knew that Valo Intranet’s agile and flexible solution would be the best fit.


  • Central intranet for all countries & departments
  • Flexible and agile platform that can grow and develop
  • Useful, easy-to-implement features
  • User-friendly interactive platform

Valo Intranet to unify teams across 23 countries

When Amplexor embraced the new intranet project, there were three main goals in mind. Firstly, to improve internal communications. Secondly, to shape and develop our brand culture. And finally, to implement a global
intranet that the group as a whole, across countries and departments, could identify with.

With a history of mergers and acquisitions, the company is a combination of different cultures, expertises and business areas. So, finding a common voice and culture was a key objective, alongside bringing together a workforce spread across 23 countries.

A new interactive platform to personalize internal comms

One of the biggest challenge was trying to bring together different teams, still too attached to our legacy collaboration channels. Although we had implemented Microsoft 365 and were using Teams, there was still no common, central point for the entire organisation. Collaboration was still organized around ‘local islands’, and organization-wide news were mostly distributed via e-mail.

We also recognized the need for a new interactive platform that would help us be more personal, fun, and informal in our communication style.

Intrnaet Case Study 1


Valo has improved brandvoice and culture

Since installing Valo Intranet at the beginning of 2020 so much has changed. Not only are colleagues more connected, they are more engaged! “Engagement improved almost
immediately,” says Maria Sousa, Amplexor’s Senior Marketing Director.

The objective of having a global culture where everyone relates to the brand in the same way has been achieved. Despite regional and cultural differences, the strong external brand voice was now successfully shared internally too.

Valo Intranet was key to improving the common culture within Amplexor. We now feel we have our unique brand voice and a corporate culture that is recognized by all. It has helped to create a feeling of belonging to a group.

Maria Sousa Senior Marketing Director, Amplexor

Maria Sousa

Taking an intranet-first approach

The new intranet has enabled Amplexor to inject more personality in to internal communications. We’ve replaced the traditional corporate information with personalized and people centred content.

In a time when most teams have been working remotely, the flexibility of the new intranet was key to allow colleagues worldwide to share their own reality and connect with each other even when in different parts of the world, through videos, stories and pictures – almost in real time. As well as using the intranet to foster an internal culture, Amplexor is also turning it into an entry point to daily work, encouraging everyone to go through the intranet to access information such as core applications and company templates, making sure to build a single, comprehensive repository for all relevant topic .

One content editor with multiple contributors

From the outset it was agreed that one chief content editor would be responsible for all the content with the contribution of different stakeholders in local offices.

The goal was to create a platform where everyone could feel the open door, encouraging contributions, comments and even user-generated content.

Global, but localized intranet with multilingual feature

Although the goal was to have a global group identity, we also wanted to make sure the intranet supported local needs. As certain topics are very specific to each office, it was important to make sure that local teams had dedicated areas to collaborate.

All content is published in two languages – English and French, thanks to Valo’s multilingual feature. In the future, other languages might be added, to meet specific needs of colleagues in different parts of the globe.

People are now visible and easy to find

With teams spread across 23 countries in 41 offices, it’s hard to know who’s who. Valo’s People feature has solved this issue, providing information on each person, department, and office, as well as an explanation about who they are and what they do.

This has helped bring people together and gave visibility to lesser-known roles within the company.

Announcing and celebrating success

As well as publishing more informal news and what’s happening in the office, the intranet is also where major projects and new customers are announced.

In the past, this wouldn’t have had almost any visibility, but thanks to Valo, that’s all changed.

Intranets are not dead!

The role of the intranet has changed over the years: from being really important to disappearing into the background, becoming a place where people would just schedule holidays or do more administrative tasks.

Intranets kind of died for a moment. But attitudes and expectations have changed, and this was even more visible since the lockdown. For international companies with the dimension of Amplexor, intranets are now the most effective way to communicate with everyone. You can have all the instant message tools, all the platforms you want but, if you don’t have a common interface and a single area where everything is available and everyone has the same access, it’s very hard to keep employees as part of something. The intranet is as important as your external website, only the audience differs.


5 Valo Intranet Features Amplexor Loves

1. Homepage

We love the way you can personalize the homepage so easily. In the past months, it allowed us to easily give guidance on our IT tools and security measures while at the same time provide a bit of fun. We created an area dedicated to “Isolation inspiration” where colleagues shared videos, songs or even their hobbies. Of course, everyone loved it!

2. Widgets

The widgets allow us to easily share videos, events and social media content on the site. These are really very useful for us, because they allow us to have a new homepage almost every day.

3. Hassle free publishing

It’s so easy to publish content. The best thing is that you can immediately see it in the right format whilst editing. We don’t have to go through much of a hassle to publish, even keeping all our approval procedures in place. As a certified company ensuring a transparent and compliant process is very important, even when it comes to internal communication.

4. Events

We are using the Events feature a lot. Although physical events have all been cancelled, we still have a lot of webinars going on. We wanted to make sure that besides the external ones, we also have a place where we can share relevant sessions organized internally or by our partners that everyone can join.

5. Quick Links

The Quick Links are another feature we love! You can simply create your own personal bookmarks and simplify the access to information we need every day.

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