Creating a digital mailroom with Alfresco for the city of Ghent

Download this case study to find out how Amplexor built an Alfresco solution to increase the efficiency and quality of Ghent’s mail handling.

Even now in the digital age, the large, vibrant city of Ghent receives a lot of non-digital correspondence. Dealing with this stream of paper took a lot of resources and was not very efficient. Until Amplexor implemented a digital mailroom based on Alfresco, that is.

  • Handle all forms of inbound communication
  • Data capture and document classification
  • Automatic delivery to relevant departments
  • Fully transparent information workflows
Even though the digital mailroom is used heavily by almost two thousand users for the city of Ghent right now, further increasing to about four thousand by end 2016, it has turned out to be an efficient and stable platform. Without a doubt the handling of mail pieces has improved immensely, far more efficient and more transparent than before

Piet De Ceuleners


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