Moving from paper to digital insurance underwriting with Alfresco at Credendo Group

Amplexor helped Delcredere | Ducroire to streamline the evaluation of insurance requests with a digital insurance underwriting solution powered by Alfresco.

Download this free case study and discover how Alfresco case management provided users with new reporting features, such as:  

  • ability to retrieve sets of specific cases, documents, reminders, history items and workflows through metadata search;   
  • a transparent follow-up of case handling, which was an important request from the management.
This project went exceedingly well, and there were many reasons for this. I believe it was due to several factors, such as the thorough preparation of the workflow and RFP by Credendo, the highly skilled analysis by Amplexor, the enthusiasm, technical knowledge, professional attitude, and necessary flexibility of the on-site team, the professional project management and clear communication from our side, and the support of the Credendo management

Steven Deneir

Project Manager at Credendo

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