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Microsoft 365: How to successfully migrate your content

Discover how you can avoid migration pitfalls and a 3-step procedure for successfully migrating into Microsoft 365.


Watch our webinar for all the best tips and tricks on how you can migrate your content and how AvePoint can help you!

In this session, you'll learn: 

  • Why most organizations are consolidating information on Office 365
  • How AvePoint Fly works as a migration tool for files, email and other content
  • How to migrate from multiple source platforms 
  • …and more

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Meet the speaker

Roché Mahomedradja - Solution Engineer, AvePoint Benelux

Roché Mahomedradja, Solution Engineer, AvePoint Benelux

Roché Mahomedradja is a seasoned Solutions Engineer at AvePoint. He is Microsoft certified and experienced in the SharePoint and M365 Space, where he has helped many customers across Europe to address their challenges. Some of these challenges are typically around migration, integration, data protection and governance topics.