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Drupal Tips & Tricks For Content Managers and Webmasters

One of the main reasons Drupal is the CMS of choice for many enterprise website, but it might not be so easy to master all the available features and modules from square one.

Watch our webinar to catch the best tips from our Drupal experts and get started on the road to rocking Drupal CMS like a Pro!


You’ll get to explore how to:

  • Create engaging website visitor experiences
  • Increase your content management productivity
  • Improve your editorial workflows
  • Gain independence from developers and IT

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Joachim Willems is Senior Drupal Consultant at Amplexor in Belgium. Since 2012, Joachim has been supporting customers during presales processes for Drupal websites as well as development consultancy. As Team Coach, Joachim focuses on improving performance and talent development of the Drupal team members, from analysts to developers. 


Niki Lin is a Functional Analyst at Amplexor in Belgium. Since 2017, he has been overseeing product development according to specifications, building bridges between the digital platforms’ end-users and the technical teams. Niki is passionate about achieving the right balance of human-centered design approaches with agile development methodologies. 

Jan Lemmens

Jan Lemmens is a DXM and ECM Consultant at Amplexor. He’s an enthusiast for platform-independent design and open-source technology, focusing in architecting and building innovative, cost-effective and user-friendly solutions for enterprise customers. As Acquia Certified Developer and certified Scrum Master, he’s been responsible for several successful Drupal API and architecture projects.