VRT - Vlaamse Radio - en Televisieomroeporganisatie (VRT), is the public radio and television broadcaster in Belgium. Besides TV and radio, the media group has also focused on the digital space, offering a wide range of websites in areas such as news, culture, entertainment, education and sports

The Challenge

  • Dispersed CMS for different websites
  • Lack of flexibility for customizations
  • Outdated web design

For media & entertainment companies like VRT, content is the product. And audiences have high expectations when it comes to where and how this content is consumed. At the same time, technology has evolved in a way that provides broadcasters with new abilities to measure and monitor audience preferences and behavior.

VRT needed responsive and interactive websites to keep up with these trends, but a few challenges were preventing them to revolutionize their online presence.

Their dispersed and outdated content management system (CMS) was hard to maintain as it didn’t allow for agile development and easy deployments and no longer supported the needs of the growing editorial team that needed to maintain content up-to-date 24/7.

All these challenges, alongside the expectation for digital content on-demand, led VRT to seek a new platform that would help them meet both internal and external users’ demands.  

The Solution

From over 10 different CMS proposals, Adobe won them over from the start. Its capabilities supported one single environment for all digital publishing and optimal usability for both authors and visitors.

Adobe Experience Manager became VRT’s central web content management system, complemented with Adobe Analytics and Adobe Campaign, and with the infrastructure hosted on Amazon Web Services. The digital experience solution tested on their two strategic websites – Sporza, the sports website, and VRT NWS, their key news channel.

The CMS migration included a pool of experts responsible for liaising with different VRT web and content teams, specializing on areas such as user experience (UX), website performance, customer journeys, among others.

The digital experience solution was first tested on their two strategic websites – Sporza, the sports website, and VRT NWS, their key news channel.


The Result

The launch of the revamped sporza.be during the 2018 World Cup beat our record of unique visitors online. During the first hour there were 55,000 unique streamers, for the second hour that grew to 80,000.

Johan Rombouts VRT

Johan Rombouts
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Seamless integration with social media and other apps
  • Collaborative environment
  • Fast publishing flows
  • Platform modularity

Being able to seamlessly integrate VRT’s websites with social media and other apps caters perfectly to the on-demand expectations of the broadcaster’s audiences. And AEM made it possible with state-of-the-art front-end development and optimal user experience.

One key new features introduced with the new Adobe ecosystem was the ability to organize content through topic-based clusters. By showing content grouped by topics, e.g. by sport, visitors are able to find relevant content easily and can quickly browse information within the topics they’re interested in the most.

AEM also brought a huge transformation on the author’s side. The user-friendly environment allows editors to easily upload new content, a process that was previously overly complex. Additionally, Adobe Analytics helped VRT become more data driven.

With such a robust new technology on sight, the media group seized the opportunity to use the new CMS to launch their new online video channel, VRT nu. With all kinds of on-demand video content, visitors can watch their favorite programs when and where they want. As a public broadcaster, offering this free service had long been one of the company’s goals, and was now also made possible with AEM.

Because it’s  much more user friendly than their previous platforms, their growing team of contributors and web publishers easily adopted AEM as their working environment, and can now add new pieces directly with much more flexibility and agility.

Overall, AEM has improved VRT’s digital business by offering faster media content release. This technology overhaul helped the company align their product offering with their strategic objectives of being a reputable reference for content quality, visitor interaction and emotional media experiences.


AEM live features

  • Live blogging
  • Live match timelines
  • Live score boards
  • Live TV coverage

Tracking users’ behavior using AEM Analytics helped editors to plan new content based on what areas of the website have most traffic, what types of content are most engaging and what topics readers are most interested in.

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Revolutionizing online media experience
The VRT Success Story
Find out how Amplexor helped European broadcaster VRT become a reference for content quality, visitor interaction and emotional media experiences.

A new Adobe customer experience ecosystem to improve VRT's digital business:

  • Catering to on-demand expectations of media audiences
  • Content organized through topic-based clusters
  • A user-friendly authoring environment
  • Seamless integration with social media and other apps
  • Flexible and agile editorial workflows
  • Faster media content release

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