For the past three decades Amplexor has been designing, implementing and running solutions for content and document management across global airlines and aerospace manufactures. Our services range from consulting on aerospace documentation standards to technical writing and translations. This end-to-end approach to support the aviation industry’s content value chain ensures safety and compliance through its complex regulatory environment.

The situation


When a leading group in the Aerospace and Defense sector launched a RFP for a major document management project to be carried out at their manufacturing site, we were sure this was a perfect fit for Amplexor. Our know-how of the industry’s challenges and compliance requirements was key at this stage, as well as the long-term experience managing sensitive and complex information in other highly regulated industries. Another critical aspect emphasized throughout the selection process was our experience in handling large document management contracts at customer sites, even when existing teams have to be taken on board.

Throughout successive meetings our consultants were able to demonstrate their unique expertise, leading up to a three-year contract finally being awarded to Amplexor.

The challenge

Take off

One of our main challenges was to reassure the customer that Amplexor had the capacity to successfully undertake a service that had been handled by the same provider for several years. The scalable document management program needed add through innovation and industry expertise brought in from similar projects – not just in the aerospace industry, but also with energy and engineering organizations. It also had to guarantee:

  • Service continuity and a smooth transition from former provider
  • Team size estimation (including a disabled workers quota)
  • Service provision forecast (despite little information about the volume and quality of the documents to be processed)
  • Information security considerations, including those related to military confidentiality clearances
  • Program scalability, taking into account eventual delays in obtaining necessary authorizations to carry out the service at the customer’s site

The solution

Flying high

Our document management approach recommended a comprehensive reversibility plan and an ambitious schedule for setting up the teams. The strategy also envisioned a resource optimization program, which would allow the customer to take full advantage of the team’s versatility and achieve cost savings throughout the contract period.

Each segment of activity was then subject to a detailed plan based on industry best practices and quality standards, including: business procedures, quality assurance, KPIs, risk analysis and mitigation.

Finally, Amplexor established a temporary grouping of companies with a dedicated firm to hire people with disabilities.

The strong leadership since the beginning of the contract by experienced project managers was key to ensure all procedures were assimilated by experienced workers as well as newcomers. Amplexor maintained full responsibility for the control and steering of the service, from project planning to implementation and continuity.

The result

Smooth landing

The contract was awarded to Amplexor for a three-year period. In our technical and financial offer, we demonstrated our understanding of the service provision and its capacity to add value. We currently have 30 people working on-site, 15% of whom are disabled.

Having achieved the objectives set out in the initial project KPIs, the customer has extended the relationship with Amplexor towards other areas of expertise, such as technology implementation and setting up compliant archiving processes. We also became their primary translation partner for documentation and aircraft maintenance manuals. Furthermore, there already plans in motion to broaden even further the scope of the partnership in the area of aerospace technical information management.

With such a long-standing relationship with a top player in the aviation industry, Amplexor has had the opportunity to participate in other RFP processes with aircraft Manufacturers, OEM suppliers and MRO service companies from all over the world. New projects are already in progress to continue to ensure aerospace information is meticulously managed from design through assembly and maintenance.

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For the past three decades, Amplexor has been partnering with leading global airlines and aerospace manufacturers to design, implement and run content management solutions all along their unique value chain. We focus on the optimization of content related processes and workflows, ensuring safety, compliance and service excellence.

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