The customer

Our customer is a financial institution offering retail and wholesale banking services with over fifty thousand employees. With a diverse customer base comprising more than 30+ million individuals, business and public institutions, the bank holds leading market positions in the Benelux region and a strong presence in over 40 other countries.

The challenge

  • Increasingly digital customers
  • Growth of mobile banking
  • Disparate legacy systems
  • Inefficiencies in handling paper documents
  • High costs of manual data entry
  • No significant document automation

As a leader in digital banking, our customer has been continually transforming their digital strategy with an inside-out approach: from a vertical to a collaborative model valuing transparency, simplicity and performance.

At the heart of this strategy is a global one-stop-shop intranet portal that aims to merge 150+ local intranets, business applications and document management systems across the various subsidiaries.

One of the bank’s biggest customer experience challenges was to respond quickly, accurately and cost effectively to incoming information and inquires. Their IT architecture was also complex due to regulatory changes over the years, new layers of product features and procedural requirements. This dispersion, combined with many processes still replying on paper documents, lead to a high degree of manual processing and reporting. Communication was costly and slow, while also conducing to inconsistent results and a potentially high error rates.

The customer had already been working with Amplexor in document management in The Netherlands for five years, so they selected us to lead the next step in digital transformation. The goal was to draw on the experience gained from our successful collaboration to help the group optimize how they managed a high volume of incoming communication and documents and move towards a paperless environment.

The solution

To create efficiencies that would translate into improved customer experience, we needed to transform high volumes of paper documents into actionable data for use in both business and customer-facing processes. The answer was to migrate from the scattered legacy input management systems to a central intelligent content capture solution, to be used across Belgium and The Netherlands.

From the technical side, the solution is based on OpenText Intelligent Capture (former Captiva), and targeting a Cloud infrastructure, API integration, automated testing and monitoring. Moving away from the server development also meant embracing a continuous delivery pipeline. To pick up speed and quality we focused on the new tooling: Continuous Integration with TFS, testing with ALM/UFT and issue tracking with Service-Now.

The solution was successfully rolled out and introduced into business activities. In a time-frame of 6 months, Amplexor helped the bank divert more than 15 business applications used in more than 5 physical locations to a centralized stack, used by over 4.000 employees in the two countries.

Intelligent Enterprise Capture EcosystemCAPTURE
Simplified document scanning process with browser-based and mobile scanning. Documents are also captured from other sources such as emails or network folders and other sources.

Intelligent identification of a variety of document types (e.g. check deposit, loan application, invoices), based on traditional (bar codes, page separators) and intelligent classification technologies.

Automatic extraction of data from documents by leveraging multiple recognition technologies, such as OCR and barcode.

Extracted data is validated against existing data contained in ERP, enterprise content management and other information repositories to ensure data accuracy and downstream processing errors, for example, validating that supporting documents are present for loan/new account approvals.

With automatic recognition, classification and extraction of data, information and documents are automatically assigned into workflows, processes and mail routes, or then categorized and archived in the centralized ECM repository.

to file shares, ECM repositories and other enteprise systems


Together with Amplexor we created one of the biggest and most complex input management systems in Europe and beyond. But it was also a major achievement within our institution: we were real frontrunners in launching the first business application with group-wide accessibility.

Manager, Leading financial institution

The result

  • Connecting +4000 users across 2 central offices and +3400 branches
  • Greater performance efficiency in document capture across locations
  • Reduced paper handling and courier costs
  • Faster response times and delivery of new products
  • Elimination of lost documents and potentially reduced fines associated with audits
  • Cultural shift to unified ways of working, providing one consistent experience to all customers


Through improved efficiency, our digital transformation program is driving major cost savings year on year.

CEO, Leading financial institution

The intelligent capture solution Amplexor developed enabled paper-based processes to be integrated into centralized back office processes, significantly reducing costs and improving the overall productivity of users. Incrementally, the bank established corresponding relationships between two central offices and more than 3000 branches. The new solution has processed up to 100 million pages resulting in more than a 10 billion transactions going through the capture ecosystem per year.

Content intelligence capabilities to automatically classify documents, digitization and workflow automation freed operational resources to run value-adding tasks, including complex processes, such as deal origination, and activities that require human intervention, such as financial reviews. Tasks like document scanning, indexing, manual routing of documents for audit and approval processes, manual validation of a customer’s identity at the teller line, were significantly reduced or virtually eliminated. The directly impacted teams included document composition, digital communication, print management, scanning, data capture and archiving, where the time associated with manual tasks was significantly reduced or eliminated.

Because all incoming information is automatically classified and categorized, on the intranet side, users are able to receive personalized content based on their roles, personal preferences or geographies. With integrated collaboration tools, these documents are immediately actionable for further processing, reusing or repurposing.

But the efficiencies generated run side by side with the company´s strategy at a business level: a single solution for incoming communications management across locations addresses the needs of a growing bank. It harmonizes business models, standardizes data infrastructure, and ultimately, enables continued commercial growth, an improved customer experience and a quicker delivery of new products. All while strengthening the bank’s brand recognition, omnichannel distribution strategy and international network.

More important than the volume of digitized communications was the cultural shift from local to central steering and cross-border collaboration. This solution has the power to unite several countries and different ways of working.

By moving our services, processes, operational models and data architecture to one global platform, we’re enabling one consistent experience to all customers, wherever they are.

COO, Leading financial institution

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Intelligent document capture: A banking transformation success story

Discover how Amplexor helped an international banking group optimize how they manage high volumes of incoming communications and move towards a paperless environment.

  • 15 business applications at 5 physical locations into 1 centralized platform
  • +4000 users digital connected users across headquarters and branch networks
  • Greater performance efficiency
  • Reduced paper handling and courier costs
  • Faster response times and delivery of new products
  • Cultural shift to unified ways of working
  • One consistent experience to customers across locations

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