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An interactive, fully accessible website for Handicap International's Making it Work

A skills-based sponsorship to redesign a new website including full accessibility, multilingual support and enhanced user experience.

Download this case study to discover how Drupal 8's capabilities responded perfectly to the project's goals:

  • Improve the online presence of the Making it Work (MIW) project with a responsive website optimized for all screen sizes 
  • Attract a wide variety of international sponsors though multilingual content and optimized user experience
  • Emphasize the collaborative and interactive nature of the project both for content authors and end users
  • Ensure equal access to information and functionality by people with disabilities by using the latest assistive technologies
  • Develop a new social media strategy that drives more visitors to the website via multiple networking platforms

We worked with AMPLEXOR on the improvement of our website, largely in the form of skills-based sponsorship. This allowed us to benefit from a high quality website, while respecting the budget of our project. AMPLEXOR’s responsiveness and flexibility are highly appreciated and allowed us to advance this project in good time.

We would like to highlight AMPLEXOR’s remarkable understanding of our desire to create a website that is accessible to all, which resulted in genuine respect for the recommendations of our partner in charge of accessibility during the site’s development.”



Making It Work Project Officer at Handicap International

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