Enterprise Augmented Reality improves manufacturing efficiency

An all-in-one solution for state-of-the-art AR customer services: showroom, maintenance, helpline and training center.

Learn how a scalable AR foundation is helping a global manufacturing company increase revenue through multiple business operations:

Sales & Customer Engagement
  • More engaging sales demonstrations
  • Higher customer confidence in purchasing processes
Maintenance & Repair
  • Reduce duration of standard maintenance procedures by 30%
  • Reduce unplanned downtimes by up to 60%
Remote Assistance
  • Spare highly experts resources and traveling costs
  • Provide infallible support to any type of user
Education & Training
  • Lower costs of training programs
  • Accelerate staff's learning curve with complex machinery 
Our partnership with Amplexor and RE’FLEKT was the strongest and most sustainable combination on the market. They were able to deliver the complete picture of our die casting machine with all main components, exploded views and animated maintenance processes just within 5 weeks!

Product Manager Die Casting

Leading manufacturing company

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