Our client is one of the world’s largest providers of financial services managing over €700 trillion in transactions per year across 90 countries. Their multilingual, highly trained professionals facilitate domestic and cross-border investments for more than 2,000 clients, including banks, broker-dealers, retail investors, international organizations and a wide range of issuers

The challenge

• Migrate to an agile CMS

• Integrate marketing technology stack

• Personalize clients’ interactions

• Reduce the complexity of digital ecosystem

• Implement a clear digital vision

The increasing demand for clients’ greater convenience in access to their accounts and expanded services has been driving a surge of innovation across the financial sector. Our client, a leading player in the financial services market, tried to keep up with this trend, by developing multiple websites and platforms over the years.

Due to the increasing complexity of their digital landscape, their proprietary content management system (CMS) had slowly become unequal to their digital business offering. The back-end became difficult to operate by 3,500+ employees involved. Content management was a difficult process, lacking in user experience, which meant editors spent more time than desired uploading content instead of on more value-added digital marketing activities.

More importantly, building and enhancing the personal relationship with clients – an industry expectation – became ever more challenging. Used by thousands of customers on a daily basis, the company’s digital channels were an important reflection of their brand positioning, but the customer experience was slow and not intuitive. Also, there was no integration with other digital marketing tools which led to missed opportunities to generate new leads.

Playing a fundamental economic and social role in the financial services domain, the need to rapidly adapt was paramount to keep pace with the evolving needs of capital market participants.

The solution

This international financial services provider joined forces with Amplexor to reimagine their digital service delivery and fix both customer and internal users’ pain points with a digital strategy refresh. This journey started with a digital and CMS audit, and the scope of the partnership has progressively expanded over the years. Amplexor evolved from a trusted partner in web content management to a full digital services provider, collaborating with the company’s steering committee in establishing a digital banking strategy towards an end-to-end view of client experience.



The digital audit Amplexor conducted not only confirmed the usability constraints reported by the digital teams and customers, but also revealed coding issues that weren’t aligned with the latest web development best practices. This consultation created a perfect opportunity for Amplexor to embrace the challenge of simplifying the company’s digital estates and optimizing global user experience – both from a business as well as from a customer point of view.


A new web content management system based on Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) was the starting point for a digital overhaul, allowing the group to consolidate their digital presence management. Content creators can edit any page or document through an intuitive WYSIWYG interface. With a “what you see is what you get” view, editors will immediately see what the content will look like for the end users.
As an enterprise-level solution, AEM offers multiple benefits, especially in this particular scenario. The repository based architecture allows for a dramatic reduction in infrastructure requirements, to name one. There is also a reduction of deployment risks. Other features include powerful in-line editing interface and outof-the-box solutions for digital asset management and social collaboration.


One of the challenges was certainly creating an interface that allowed for the huge amount of documents involved. Circa 150,000 documents and 10,000 web pages needed to be managed in a user-friendly way. The sheer scale of the document database meant that a robust and high performance search was an absolute requirement, as well as an alternative to the traditional onedimensional navigation.

Amplexor combined Google and Microsoft search technologies so that our client’s digital channels can deliver search results within a second, even at peak times with 20,000+ users online. A content tagging feature was also introduced to give users with different needs the possibility to easily find the information they’re looking for through a modern search interface.


The growing need for a better online client service and a more user-centric design also pushed for a drastic redesign of their online presence. Two distinct target groups were identified, making it clear that the new website would need to consist of two separate sections.

The outward-facing, corporate website targets decision makers and is focused on marketing the group’s financial services, while a new client knowledge portal addresses the needs of clients’ operational workers with a personalized dashboard and user-centric apps.

Amplexor used the Scrum agile development methodology to guide the project forward throughout the different stages: redesigning the architectural structure of the websites, creating an appealing and dynamic front-end and introducing stronger content management tools.
Creating the overall concepts behind the website and high level wireframes ensured the client got exactly the website they envisioned. Amplexor software engineers also created the necessary HTML, CSS and JavaScript-code for implementing the new graphic design on top of their new AEM platform.


The effective transformation of the Group’s customer experience didn’t stop at redefining their websites and web content management. Continuing to focus on the clients’ needs, Amplexor guided the financial provider in their next step: to reinvent the customer journey across all digital channels and address the user experience holistically.

An integrated and complete marketing toolkit based on Adobe Marketing Cloud technologies was integrated with AEM. Adobe Analytics, Adobe Campaign and Adobe Target allow web and digital marketing teams to build personalized, multichannel digital experiences.


Amplexor Case Study Financial Institution - Adobe Marketing Cloud



In addition to an enhanced marketing stack and to complete a 360-degree view of clients, they needed to connect their CRM system to their marketing automation efforts. With extensive expertise in system integration, Amplexor connected Salesforce CRM with the Adobe Marketing Cloud using two-directional synchronization, ensuring data is up-to-date at all times throughout the systems. This link allows for superior content customization and more effective lead capture on the digital front, but also a deeper understanding of the client’s relationship with the company, enhancing sales personal interactions.


Amplexor partnered with a leading hosting services provider, specialized on managed application continuity for media companies, banks and large enterprises. Ensuring customized and scaled hosting for the website and the associated infrastructure, intrusion protection as well as disaster recovery, our partner is certified to all relevant international quality standards, and has an outsourcing recommendation score of 100% by Giarte.


A fully staffed professional service center was specially assembled at Amplexor. A team of 12 people is responsible for all operations, support, maintenance and management of the client’s digital platforms, including testing, incident, request and problem management, site maintenance; performance and capacity management; new release management; and training and knowledge transfer.
On the operational side, this dedicated team handles all infrastructure, private and public communication lines, data center equipment, network infrastructure, hardware, software, applications, templates, standards and design concepts required to operate the company’s websites.


With a long-standing track record of success achieved across digital projects and services and extensive expertise with other leading financial institutions, Amplexor was invited to play an even more prominent role. Being able to recognize the big picture, we help the group plot a course for the future in quarterly strategic alignment meetings.

Working in digital strategy management, marketing consultancy and project management, we partner from strategic definition through actual implementation and maintenance of their digital channels, with the goals of guiding innovation and improving the client experience across channels.


Our digital performance demonstrates the appetite of our global client base for solutions that help them overcome complex challenges, leading to safer and more efficient financial markets.

Chief Executive Officer Multinational Financial Institution

The result

  • Forward-looking marketing platform
  • Deeper insights into customers and prospects
  • New and improved ways to service clients
  • Reinforced positioning as financial services leader
  • Clear digital roadmap  2016-2020

The time-tested major strategic partnership with Amplexor resulted in a true evolution in the way the company services clients through the use of digital technology to connect customer touchpoints. The websites’ redesign along with a complete digital ecosystem overhaul lead to improved brand exposure and game-changing marketing possibilities for existing and new offerings.

Data is central to financial services offering, so the ability to take advantage of advanced analytics as an asset is a major growth area. Thanks to Adobe Analytics, there is a whole new wealth of information now available across the organization.

On one hand, marketers and sales representatives gain deeper insights on prospects and clients to further personalize content and conversations. An average of 400,000 targeted emails are sent every month leveraging Adobe Target and Adobe Campaign capabilities. The user count on the Client Portal is at 40,000 and growing, pointing towards a very positive, progressive adoption trend. On the other hand, the group is uniquely positioned to highlight the value they provide in helping clients operate effectively in global capital markets, as well as to provide new ways to service clients.

The overall digital experience of visitors and clients is enhanced. The new website is a userfriendly, multi-device link to the company’s digital landscape. Self-service, interaction and discovery are encouraged throughout both public website and client platforms and provide diversified means of engagement. On the Client Portal, users can access all the operational information and tools they need from one place, with personalized dashboards and easy-to-use web apps such as securities search, market statistics, reference documentation, counterparties directories and training sessions, among others. All these digital self-services liberate staff and allow them to focus their efforts on offering better support, upselling and product development, for example.

With a joint framework agreement renewed until 2020, this financial institution looks to Amplexor to tap into fresh ideas in digital innovation, assess the commercial potential of these innovations and develop value-add solutions that ensure their longterm relevance to clients. By providing foresight into emerging trends and analyzing how to tangibly apply these innovations directly to business operations, Amplexor is actively contributing to helping them compete and differentiate in client experience, specifically in digital channels.

Bringing to life their corporate values of respect, effectiveness, accountability and client-first mindset, our goal is to help them continually exceed clients’ expectations, to take advantage of new opportunities, and to help clients navigate the rapidly changing financial environment and achieve success.

This global financial institution embraced digital experience transformation, not only setting the bar for the industry, but also proving to other sectors the value of designing with the customer in mind. The organization has recorded strong results for its digital initiatives, and continually develops a culture of innovation and change to maintain momentum.

We are excited to be long-standing digital partners of this international financial organization, our first Adobe client in Benelux. We plan to continue creating joint growth opportunities, thoughtfully advancing their vision to offer clients greater choice and flexibility to manage investments and make financial decisions.

Ruben Thys Senior Manager Strategic Accounts Amplexor

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