Design Systems: managing the complexities of customer experiences

Achieve consistency across all digital touchpoints and increase efficiency while scaling design activities

Join us to learn from experts why organizations need Design Systems and how to use and maintain them to create recognizable customer experiences.

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About the webinar

When building digital products at scale, organizations struggle to keep experiences consistent and coherent. 


As part of the Digital Experience Tuesdays Sessions, we'll talk in this upcoming webinar about how having a Design System helps to provide consistent customer experiences across multiple channels and can streamline the ongoing development of digital products. We look at Design Systems as an essential part of a Digital Experience Platform and go through real-world use cases from our clients and the industry, in general. 


In this webinar, you will learn:

•  Why and when an organization should adopt a Design System
•  The different ingredients of a typical Design System
•  How a Design System can be adopted and maintained in an organization

About the speakers


Jan Lemmens is a DXM Consultant at Amplexor, based in Belgium. Jan loves architecting and building innovative, cost-effective, and user-friendly solutions for Enterprise customers. His primary focus today is supporting clients laying out sustainable technology roadmaps supporting a broader DXM vision.


Niki Lin is a Functional Analyst at Amplexor Belgium. Since 2017, he has been overseeing product development according to specifications, building bridges between the digital platforms' end-users and the technical teams. Niki is passionate about achieving the right balance of human-centered design approaches and agile development methodologies.