5-7 June 2019


A look back at the last 20 years of BE THE EXPERT



AMPLEXOR’s BE THE EXPERT 2019 training and conference brings together leading subject matter experts and industry professionals into one forum to discuss and exchange strategies that combat the challenges in an ever-changing regulatory landscape.


  • Provide learnings on how your organization can maintain compliance throughout the product lifecycle, given evolving regulatory requirements for medicinal products and medical devices.
  • Present strategies to improve operational efficiencies and information flows.
  • Engage with you in discussions about how agencies are partnering with companies to further refine its oversight approach in addressing industry concerns related to regulation of digital advances, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Master Data Management, and Integral RIM.

7 Reasons
to Attend

  1. Gain the Inside Track

    Hear firsthand what industry thought leaders have to say about where the Life Sciences industry is going and how this vision and strategy will help keep your organization on the leading edge.
  2. Glimpse the Future

    Stay on top of industry trends and learn what's new/what's coming with AMPLEXOR Life Sciences latest technologies and capabilities to help you maximize efficiency in the way you manage your information.
  3. Deep Dive and Client Case Studies

    Client case studies are presented as well as a "deep dive" into specific, situational topics impacting the Life Sciences industry.

    You’ve invested in our solutions, and we at AMPLEXOR want to empower you and maximize your results. Training is a critical component required to ensure you realize the full value of your investment and achieve exceptional benefits for your business. Master Training Day is designed to quickly impart the skills and knowledge required for you to take full advantage of our recognized Life Sciences Suite solutions and Language Services offerings.
  5. Ask an EXPERT (EXPERT Corner)

    Do you have in-depth questions about AMPLEXOR Life Sciences solution features, implementation, and maintenance? What about our AMPLEXOR Language Services and Translation Management Technology? Our Product Management, Delivery and Service Center team of experts are on-hand throughout the course of the conference to address your questions.
  6. Solution Academy

    Using AMPLEXOR's Computer-based Training (CBT) materials, you can gain in-depth knowledge of the Life Sciences Suite in a self-paced, hands-on experience with walk-throughs of live demo systems. This first-hand learning experience, facilitated by AMPLEXOR experts and instructors available to you throughout the conference.
  7. Connect with Peers/Thought Leaders

    As a delegate, you have access to meet with your peers and key influencers in the Life Sciences industry and exchange ideas and new approaches for solving a problem or addressing an area where you can more effectively manage your information.


Be The Expert | 5-7 June 2019